Stockade Complex Hazardous Material Abatement & Building Removal

Stockade_LocationThe Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA), in compliance with the Base Reuse Plan, had a planned obligation to the City of Marina for the removal of buildings and hazardous materials at the Stockade Property, made up of 13.4 acres located east of the Marina Equestrian Center between 9th Street and Imjin Parkway. Per City Council Resolution No. 2020-24, FORA has provided to the City the needed funds to accomplish the project.

The Stockade is included in FORA's list of building removal further described in

Stockade Complex includes, a Stockade Building (B4953), a Maintenance Building (B4954), a Generator Building (B4955), a Sewage Pump Station (B4957), a Storage Building (B4951) and three Guard towers (B4950, B4952 and (B4956) and associated paved areas.

The scope of the work for this project includes, but not limited to, the removal and proper disposal of all hazardous materials at the project site including  tenacious asbestos skim coat (or wall plaster), demolition and removal of the buildings, including associated foundations and sub-surface elements of the City of Marina’s Stockade Complex and  Restoration of the disturbed ground surface. 

Work will be executed in two phases; Phase 1 is the abatement and removal of hazardous materials described on the Specifications. During this phase, the awarded company will install containment areas in accordance with the approved Abatement Work Plan.  Work will be monitored for compliance and air sampling will be collected and tested by a third-party Environmental Monitoring Company (Industrial Hygienist). This phase of work is approximately 100 working days (5 months). Moderate construction noise (construction vehicles and abatement scraping noise) is anticipated during this phase.

Phase 2 of the work is the demolition and removal of buildings and related appurtenances and restoration of the site. Work will be monitored and inspected by the City On-Call Construction Management and Inspection Services, Wallace Group. There will be random air monitoring and testing, and work is estimated to last 40 working days (2 months). During this phase of work, expect severe construction noise and heavy construction equipment coming in and out from the construction site.

Check project schedule and construction updates on this website for more information.

Construction Schedule and Updates:

August 18, 2020 – projected construction contract award of the project

PHASE 1 – Hazardous Material and Abatement (duration: 5 months)

PHASE 2- Demolition and Removal of Buildings and Appurtenances (duration: 2 months)

Start Date- To be Determined

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Project Specifications

Appendix A - Vista Environmental Consulting Reports

Project Plans (For Info Only)

Addendum No.1

Addendum No. 2

Addendum No. 3

FORA Final Reassessment Report (See page 3-89 for discussion on Blight Structures)

Construction Air Quality Monitoring Plan

Construction Hazardous Materials Work Plan

Construction Traffic Control Plan

Site Specific Health & Safety Plan