Woman wearing Mask - Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Woman wearing Mask - Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Previous Weeks' Listings

Every week on the Virtual Recreation Center page we list resources on a variety of topics. Below are nutrition resources given in previous weeks. If you need food distribution information please see the City's special page entitled "Food for those in Need."

Week of June-1-7

Monday: Water Content in Fruits and Vegetables
Tuesday: What Goes Where? Recycling in Monterey Co. Wednesday: What’s in Season in Marina?
Thursday: Grilled Lemonade Friday: 24 No-bake summer deserts
Saturday: Upcycle Your Food Scraps
Sunday: Marina Farmers Market 10 am-2pm (preOrder online)

Week of June-15-21

Monday: SF Asian Art Museum Executive Chef teaches Avocado Miso Toast
Tuesday: Korean thriller Parasite inspired iconic dish Ram-Don
Wednesday: The Volume and Density of Ketchup
Thursday: Food Pantry Cookbook: Recipes for the Most Common Items Given at Food Pantrys
Friday: 5 Foods Linked to Better Brain Power
Saturday: 10 7-Eleven Copycat Slurpee Recipes That Are Better Than the Real Thing
Sunday: Father’sDay Cooking

Week of July 13-19

Monday (7-13): Pandemic Food Planning 
Tuesday (7-14): Grandma’s Old-Fashioned Chili Mac 
Wednesday (7-15): Native American Ohlone Salad 
Thursday (7-16): Final Thursday, from 11:30am - 1:30pm, Monterey County Free Libraries offer Lunch at the Library, Marina Branch, 190 Seaside Circle. For information visit or call 831-883-7555.
Friday (7-17): How to be a healthy vegetarian 
Saturday (7-18): 45+ Easy Summer Meals That Take 20 Minutes or Less 
Sunday (7-19): Easy Summer Meals For Each Day Of The Week

Week of July 27-Aug. 2

Monday (7-27): Free Stanford Course on Child Nutrition
Tuesday (7-28): US Dept. of Agriculture Free Printables on Nutrition
Wednesday (7-29): What's in SeasonRecipes
Thursday (7-30): Peanut Butter Banana Popscicles
Friday (7-31): Is Coca Cola bad for you?
Saturday (8-1): The 10 Best Apps Every Foodie Must Have On Their Phone
Sunday (8-2): Navigating the Grocery Store: Expert Tips from Dietitians

Week of Aug. 10-16

Monday (8-10): Exploring Home With Food
Tuesday (8-11): Edible Schoolyard
Wednesday (8-12):Free Tasting Lessons
Thursday (8-13): Down On The Farm
Friday (8-14): Home Ec. Practicals
Saturday (8-15): Home Economics Budget Meals
Sunday (8-16): Kitchen Safety and Sanitation

Week of Aug. 24-30

Monday (8/24): Nutritional Games and Activities
Tuesday (8/25): Food Label Reading Lesson
Wednesday (8/26): Heal Your Lifelong Binge Eating and Lifelong Dieting Free online event 4-5 pm, registration required
Thursday (8/27): Free Classroom Poster: Understanding a Nutrition Label
Friday (8/28): Detective Veggie Dice
Saturday (8/29): Crack the Secret Code Summer Activity Placemat
Sunday (8/30): 32 Crazy Good, Quick Dinners For Kids

Week of May 11-17

Monday: Easy Chocolate Cake (no eggs, butter)
Tuesday: Quarantine Cooking
Wednesday: MyPlate Kid’s Restaurant Planner
Thursday: Quarantine Munchies
Friday: Quarantine Munchies (part 2)
Saturday: Make McDonald’s French Fries at Home
Sunday: Quarantine Chef-down

Week of June-8-14

Monday: 10 Mouthwatering Recipes For Potato Lovers • Tasty
Tuesday: How to Grow Ginger in Containers
Wednesday: Fun Facts About Carrots
Thursday: Lunch at the Library: Grab and Go Meals (11:30am-1:30pm)
Friday: 5 Minute Stovetop Pizza
Saturday: 360-degree Farm Food
Sunday: Homemade Fruit Rollups

Week of June-22-28

Monday: National Chocolate Eclair Day
Tuesday: The Health Benefits of Watermelon
Wednesday: Eating on a Dime
Thursday: How Much Water Do I Really Need to Drink?
Friday: Cucumber Lemonade
Saturday: What the Fork is for Dinner Facebook Group
Sunday: Chop Chop Cooking Club

Week of July 6-12

Monday (7-6): 7 Easy Dinner Recipes For Busy Parents
Tuesday (7-7): Food Literacy - Hands on Cooking with Kids
Wednesday (7-8): Family Meals for Summer - Easy
Thursday (7-9): Every Thursday through July 16, from 11:30am - 1:30pm, Monterey County Free Libraries will offer Lunch at the Library, Marina Branch, 190 Seaside Circle. For information visit or call 831-883-7555.
Friday (7-10): Grandma’s Chicken n Dumplings
Saturday (7-11): Focaccia Gardens Are About to Be Your Next Bread Obsession
Sunday (7-12): Make a Floating Snack Bar

Week of July 20-26

Monday (7-20): How eggs are eaten around the world
Tuesday (7-21): Top 10+ FREE Best Online Baking Courses, Certifications & Classes!
Wednesday (7-22): Recipes for Kids
Thursday (7-23): Binge-worthy Popcorn
Friday (7-24): PB&J Sushi Rolls
Saturday (7-25): Cool Summer Recipes that Boost Your Energy
Sunday (7-26): Peanut Butter Buckeyes

Week of Aug. 17-23

Monday (8-17): Virtual Cooking with Bobbie Flay
Tuesday (8-18): 3 Course Italian Meal - Virtual Class
Wednesday (8-19): How to Cook Beets
Thursday (8-20): Virtual Cooking Class
Friday (8-21): Gordon Ramsey "Master 5 Basic Cooking Tasks"
Saturday (8-22): 3 Ways to Get Kids to Cook and Eat More Vegetables
Sunday (8-23): The Kids Cookery