Nature and Virtual Travel


Photo by Bradley Hook from Pexels

Previous Week's Listings

Week of July 13-19

Monday (7-13): Hawaiian Virtual Sactuaries 
Tuesday (7-14): 92 St. Y and Topic present Rough Draft Live with Reza Aslan , 5 pm on Facebook
Wednesday (7-15): The Sistine Chapel 
Thursday (7-16): Monterey Bay Aquarium  Live Cams
Friday (7-17): The Louvre  Museum
Saturday (7-18): The Wonder Explorers Club 
Sunday (7-19): Try a Virtual Workout

Week of July 27-Aug. 2

Monday (7-27): Long Beach Harbor Live
Tuesday (7-28): SF Bay Osprey
Wednesday (7-29): Aquarium of the Pacific
Thursday (7-30): Cannery Row Live
Friday (7-31): The Jersey ShoreBeach Cam
Saturday (8-1): Huntington Beach Pier
Sunday (8-2): Monterey Bay AquariumLive Cam

Week of Aug. 10-16

Monday (8-10): Atlantic Coast Theater Virtual Performances
Tuesday (8-11): Sedona, Arizona Virtual Tour
Wednesday (8-12):I Went On A Virtual Vacation(& You Can Too!)
Thursday (8-13): Stay Fit at Home with Virtual Treadmill
Friday (8-14): Highbanks Virtual Trail Run
Saturday (8-15): Supercross Virtual Reality Experience360°
Sunday (8-16): Fly like a bird 360°

Week of Aug. 24-30

Monday (8/24): NASA Slime In Space
Tuesday (8/25): The Zoo
Wednesday (8/26): Seattle Aquarium
Thursday (8/27): Virtual Planetarium: The Sky Tonight
Friday (8/28): Stellarium Live
Saturday (8/29): 35 Virtual Field Trips for Kids to Get Them Learning About the World
Sunday (8/30): Huge List of Virtual Field Trips

Week of May 11-17

Monday: Wild Earth Safari
Tuesday: Whitney Museum of American Art
Wednesday: Decorah Eagles Cam
Thursday: Museum of Modern Art
Friday: Live Cams
Saturday: Hawaii Zen Cam
Sunday: Shark Meditation

Week of June-8-14

Monday:  Machu Picchu
Tuesday:  Arches National Park
Wednesday:  600+ College Campuses
Thursday:  The Russian Tea Room 360-degrees
Friday:  Edakkal Caves, Kerala, India
Saturday:  Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan
Sunday: Powell Hall Drone Tour

Week of July 6-12

Monday (7-6): Backyard Wilderness Show & Tell, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 11:15AM - 12:00PM, Free but RSVP required
Tuesday (7-7): The Hidden Worlds of National Parks
Wednesday (7-8): Golden Gate Park
Thursday (7-9): Ventana Wildlife Society Virtual Family Camp, Thursdays, 4:15PM - 5:15PM. Free but RSVP required.
Friday (7-10): Tech Interactive Virtual Field Trip
Saturday (7-11): Happy Hollow Park and Zoo Virtual Meet and Greet

Week of July 20-26

Monday (7-20): Final Day to Submit Whalefest Entry!
Tuesday (7-21): Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
Wednesday (7-22): Hawaii Volcanoes
Thursday (7-23): Alaska Kenai Fjords
Friday (7-24): Department of Natural Resources Eagle Cam
Saturday (7-25): Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips
Sunday (7-26): Utah Bryce Canyon

Week of Aug. 17-23

Monday (8-17): Parents Guide to Virtual Playdates
Tuesday (8-18): Nature Meditation
Wednesday (8-19): A Walk Through the Forest
Thursday (8-20): Boost Your Day - Connected to Mother Nature
Friday (8-21): Underwater National Park
Saturday (8-22): 30 Minutes Workout Through Virtual Scenery
Sunday (8-23): Virtual Cooking Club's Ice Cream Sundae

Week of Aug. 31-Sept. 6

Monday (8/31): Four Silicon Valley Professionals Field Trips
Tuesday (9/1): US Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville, AL
Wednesday (9/2): Oakland Museum of California Dorothea Lange’s Iconic Photos
Thursday (9/3): Yellowstone National Park
Friday (9/4): Eiffel Tower Paris, Elevator Ride Top Floor
Saturday (9/5): Sci-Fi Short Film “The OceanMaker"
Sunday (9/6): A London City Guided Tour (360 VR Video)