SENIORS Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

SENIORS Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Mobility Loss Puts Older Adults at Risk: Research Shows Exercise Can Help

Mobility Exercises

Baylor University's online graduate program has created a webpage that provides useful information for seniors. 

"Mobility Loss Puts Older Adults at Risk: Research Shows Exercise Can Help." 

Visit mobility webpage for more information.

MST and Area Agency on Aging have reinitiated their “Free Bus Pass for Seniors” Program.

MST $25 passAnyone who wants to learn how to ride on MST’s fixed-route buses and is 60-years or older is eligible!  All you have to do is connect with Mobility Specialist Lesley van Dalen.  

Dalen will provide one-on-one travel training, covering all aspects of public transportation until you are able to demonstrate safe and independent travel skills. Upon completion of your travel training, you will receive a FREE MST GoCard with $25.00!

Contact Info:

  • Travel Training Program: 831.264.5886
  • Direct Telephone: 831.296.8824

The Benefits Continue:

Leslie follows up with training graduates over the following 12-months. As long as you are still traveling on MST’s fixed-route buses, you will receive FREE MST Day Passes! 

Here is the incentive schedule: 1-month (3-Day Passes); 6-months (6-Day Passes); and 12-months (9-Day Passes)

Listings from Previous Weeks

Week of May 11-17

Monday: Top Rated Books for Seniors
Tuesday: Why James Patterson Used to Hate Books
Wednesday: 20 Minute Exercise
Thursday: Regain Your Youth Workouts
Friday: Scrabble, Mahjong, Solitare, more
Saturday: Week’s Best Jokes with SuddenlySenior
Sunday: Seniors Guide to Computers

Week May 18-24

Monday: Bob Ross Island in the Wilderness
Tuesday: Warm Up Before Exercise
Wednesday: Every Day Stretches
Thursday: Sock Mask for Adults
Friday: Santa Cruz Gentle Yoga on Zoom (10 a.m.)
Saturday: Tomato and Eggs Stirfry
Sunday: National Brothers Day (Call your brother)

Week of June-8-14

Monday: Scrabble
Tuesday: Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month
Wednesday: The Wooden Spoon
Thursday: Low Impact Full Body HIIT
Friday: Merengue
Saturday: Senior Gold Fitness Dance
Sunday: Sunday Exercise for Seniors

Week of June-22-28

Monday: Well Connected Seniors
Tuesday: Operate Game
Wednesday: Go 4 Life Warm Up and Work Out
Thursday: National Catfish Day: 15 Recipes that will Make You a Believer
Friday: Keep it Alive (Google Android App)
Saturday: 10 Daily Stretches
Sunday: Family Tree Printables

Week of July 6-12

Monday (7-6): Marina Senior Association
Tuesday (7-7): Remember When? Take a stroll down memory lane
Wednesday (7-8): Walk the Line Balance
Thursday (7-9): Stretching at the Computer
Friday (7-10): Leslie Mills Body Scan Activity
Saturday (7-11): Why you need iron
Sunday (7-12): Victoria Gordon’s Summer of Showtunes - 7:00pm PDT Tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber

Week of July 20-26

Monday (7-20): The AARP 15-Minute Workout
Tuesday (7-21): What Seniors need to know about Coronavirus: Older Americans Urged to Continue ‘Distancing
Wednesday (7-22): Free resources for Mindful Meditation
Thursday (7-23): AARP Fraud Watch Network - Free Alerts, Scam in your Area
Friday (7-24): Free Online Games
Saturday (7-25): Brain Health and Wellness
Sunday (7-26): Staying fit doesn’t stop with aging

Week of Aug. 3-9

Monday (8-3): At home workouts for seniors
Tuesday (8-4): Nutrition for seniors: 7 lifestyle strategies to stay strong, healthy, and independent longer
Wednesday (8-5): Should I babysit my grandchildren?
Thursday (8-6): How will you observe National Rootbeer Float Day?
Friday (8-7): Living with Alzheimer's (For people with early stage)
Saturday (8-8): The Cobra for Better Posture
Sunday (8-9): Back to school for you? Check out Monterey Peninsula College Catalog

Week of Aug. 17-23

Monday (8-17): Binaural Music for Insomnia
Tuesday (8-18): Babysit a Grandparent
Wednesday (8-19): Happiness Frequency Music
Thursday (8-20): Self Hypnosis
Friday (8-21): Seated Exercise
Saturday (8-22): Lucid Dreaming
Sunday (8-23): Seniors at Home Activity Packet

Week of June-15-21

Monday: Live Zumba Class (10:15-11am) via Zoom
Tuesday: Coronavirus-Related Scams
Wednesday: 7 Days of Basic Tai Chi
Thursday: Food for a Healthy Brain
Friday: San Jose Parks and Recreation Director Morning Stretch Exercise
Saturday: Fresh, Easy & Inexpensive Cooking for Seniors Sunday: Celebrating Father’s Day

Week of July 13-19

Monday (7-13): 5 Minute Slushee 
Tuesday (7-14): Bodies in Motion 
Wednesday (7-15): You’ve been Cooking Peas Wrong  Your Whole Life Thursday (7-16): Yoga with Gina and Buddy, online, every Thursday at 10 am (password is library)
Friday (7-17): Is the Keto Diet Safe for Seniors? Saturday (7-18): The Best Smart Phone Apps for Seniors Sunday (7-19): Aging Well on a Shoestring Budget

Week of July 27-Aug. 2

Monday (7-27): 9 Great Workouts to Try
Tuesday (7-28): Gentle Yoga on Zoom Every Tuesday through August 13, 10-11 am (password: marina)
Wednesday (7-29): DMV Drivers License Extension Information
Thursday (7-30): Play Like A Kid Friday (7-31): 6 Easy and Safe Exercises for Seniors
Saturday (8-1): 8 Brain Games to Sharpen Your Mind
Sunday (8-2): Sea Chantey Sing-Along, 11 am on Zoom (register for link)

Week of Aug. 10-16

Monday (8-10): Healthy Snack Ideas
Tuesday (8-11): Home Safety Tips for Seniors
Wednesday (8-12): Try These Whole-Grain Salads To Improve Your Cognitive Health
Thursday (8-13): How To Play Bridge (Complete Tutorial)
Friday (8-14): Over 60 and self-quarantined? Do these 5 exercises DAILY
Saturday (8-15): Smart Nutrition as You Age
Sunday (8-16): Prevention, Policies, & Action Against Coronavirus

Week of Aug. 31-Sept. 6

Monday (8/31): Introduction to Monterey County Free Libraries' Libby Digital Access
Tuesday (9/1): Your Own Friends of the Library Personal Shopper
Wednesday (9/2): Free classical concerts you can listen to and watch online
Thursday (9/3): Virtual Ride to End Alzheimer's Advanced Registration
Friday (9/4): 7 Anti-Inflammatory Recipes from Around the World to Reduce Arthritis Symptoms
Saturday (9/5): Beyond Computer Basics Online Course, 6-7 pm (pre-registration required to receive link)
Sunday (9/6): Famous Chefs’ Recipes for Your Anti-Inflammatory Diet