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This site is created to help us through these challenging times. We hope to provide resources that will keep you happy, healthy and engaged. The city has created a page full of information on food distribution locations to keep all of you healthy.
We are committed to ensuring that our community has 24/7 access to our recreation services at this time of social distancing.

Week of Sept. 7 Through Sept. 13

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Health & Fitness

Monday (9/7): Seventeen's How To Track Your Fitness in Your Bullet Journal | Plan With Me
Tuesday (9/8): 30-Minute No-Equipment Full-Body Toning Workout
Wednesday (9/9): 30 minute low impact workout for beginners
Thursday (9/10): Sunny Funny Zumba Dance Workout (Intense workout)
Friday (9/11): How the Body Works
Saturday (9/12): Les Mills Dance Hip Hop Volume 02
Sunday (9/13): FAST Walking in 30 minutes

Additional Resources

More Health and Fitness resources can be found on our Health & Fitness page.

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Monday (9/7): Fruits and veggies for kids/Eat your rainbow
Tuesday (9/8): Kitchen Safety
Wednesday (9/9): The Vegetable Song for Kids
Thursday (9/10): How to Master Basic Knife Skills - Kid Eats
Friday (9/11): Kid Eats Cooking
Saturday (9/12): Jamie and Buddy Oliver Stay at Home Cooking Skills
Sunday (9/13): 4-H Kids Cooking Like Chefs

Food Distribution Resources

The city has created a page full of information on food distributionlocations to keep all of you healthy.

Additional Resources

More Nutrition resources can be found on our Nutrition page.

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Nature & Virtual Travel

Monday (9/7): Santa Cruz Historic Park Tours - Neary Lagoon Pollinator Garden
Tuesday (9/8): A Land of Giants - Sequoia National Park - 4K 360 Video
Wednesday (9/9): Santa Cruz Historic Park Tours - Riverside Gardens
Thursday (9/10): USA Walking Tours - Carmel Beach in Monterey, California
Friday (9/11): History of Evergreen Cemetery, Santa Cruz, California
Saturday (9/12): Sedona View Trail in Sedona, Arizona
Sunday (9/13): Santa Cruz Historic Park Tours - Ocean View Park

Additional Resources

For more Nature and Virtual Travel Resources, please see our Nature and Virtual Travel page.

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Monday (9/7): Connecticut Learning Hub
Tuesday (9/8): Happiness Homeroom: Well-Being Strategies for High School Students
Wednesday (9/9): Productivity Habits That Stick
Thursday (9/10): Monterey Bay Aquarium Learning at Home
Friday (9/11): Kids Learning Tube
Saturday (9/12): Math Snacks: Atlantean Dodgeball
Sunday (9/13): Math Snacks Educational Animations

More Resources

Monterey Free Libraries has an ongoing calendar of events with free virtual gatherings and videos. 

For more information please see our Education and Art Resources page.

* Anti-Racism Resources

More Resources

The Arts Council for Monterey County (Arts4MC) has a long list of special activities. Check it out. 

The Arts Council Santa Cruz County has provided Covid-19 Resources for Artists and Arts Organizations.

Also, please see our Arts & Crafts page.

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Activities & Fun

Monday (9/7): Purple Cow at Home Activities
Tuesday (9/8): Jet Blue, Jr. Ready for Takeoff
Wednesday (9/9): Boys and Girls Club of Monterey County Virtual Activities (Registration is free)
Thursday (9/10): LEGO-Inspired Hand Washing By Play-Well
Friday (9/11): Can you solve the cheating royal riddle?
Saturday (9/12): 30 Books Everyone Should Read At Least Once In Their Lives
Sunday (9/13): Principal’s List of Things to Do During COVID Closures

Additional Resources

For more links like this, see our Activities and Fun page.

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Monday (9/7): NANHA on Nutrition 

(Special Thanks to Casey, Taylor, and their Nana for this recommendation!)

Tuesday (9/8): Memoir and Personal Essay: Write About Yourself (Wesleyan University Course via Coursera)
Wednesday (9/9): Mystery Book Club Hour with Nancy Lynn Jarvis 11:00am – 12:00pm on Zoom
Thursday (9/10): Santa Cruz Senior Center Without Limits Johnny Fabulous Singalong 2:00pm – 2:45pm
Friday (9/11): Dealing with Uncertainty During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Saturday (9/12): Learn to Draw a California Poppy
Sunday (9/13): Fit over 50 20 Minute workout

More Resources

For more links like the ones above, please see our Seniors resources page. For information on COVID-19 special resources for seniors, please check out the Marina Senior Association website.

Hawaiian Dance Class

hawaiian dance class flyer

The City of Marina is offering a free Beginners Hawaiian Dance Class on Zoom for K-12 students. This is a class for beginners only. The class will be held Sundays through Sept. 27. The first lesson will be held Sept. 6 from 12pm-12:45.

To participate please send an application request to Participants who attend all sessions will receive invitations to future classes.

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New!: After School Virtual Sports Club

The City of Marina Recreation Department has teamed up with the National Academy of Athletics to offer DROP IN- Virtual After School Sports Club and 5-day virtual sports camps in football, soccer, basketball, baseball, marshal arts, and volleyball. See Details.

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