Police Department

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The City of Marina restructured its public safety services delivery in 2007 from being a Public Safety Department with the police and fire services combined, to having its own separate Police and Fire Department.

Now known as the Marina Police Department, we currently staff the department with 29 sworn officers and eight non-sworn personnel. The current authorized staffing for sworn officers is:

  • Chief of Police
  • Two Commanders
  • Five Sergeants
  • Two Corporals
  • Nineteen Police Officers

Proposed Military Equipment Policy per AB481

Equipment List

The Police Department shall start the process to obtain approval of the City Council, by an ordinance adopting a military equipment use policy at a regular meeting of the City Council prior to May 1, 2022 per AB481 for the equipment's continued use.

The City Council of the City of Marina will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. or as soon as the matter may be heard for the purpose of considering an ordinance text amendment to the Marina Municipal Code adopting Chapter 9.26 “Military Equipment”.

The proposed ordinance text amendment adding Chapter 9.26 Military Equipment” is a requirement set for the by California Assembly Bill 481 (AB 481), relating to the use, funding, and acquisition of military equipment by law enforcement agencies. 

For further information, contact the Marina Police Department at (831) 884-1210, ext. 234.

Crime Statistics

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