Airport Economic Development Area

Project Summary

The Marina Municipal Airport, aviation identifier OAR, is the newest general aviation airport on the Monterey Peninsula. The airport consists of approximately 845.5 acres of property.

Open for public use since 1995, the Marina Municipal Airport is a dynamic and growing general-aviation airport owned and operated by the City of Marina.

The airport is dedicated to providing general aviation, business, light industry and recreational opportunities for the region.

Airport Master Plan Update

The Marina Municipal Airport Master Plan, which provides guidelines for the airport’s overall maintenance, development and operations, is in the process of being updated.

Draft chapters of the Master Plan will be presented to and reviewed by a Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) that is comprised of various airport stakeholders, including representatives from the City of Marina, FAA, Caltrans, airport businesses, tenants, and area economic development interests. Two public information workshops are planned at strategic points in the process to encourage citizens to learn more about the future plans for the airport.

For more information, visit the Marina Airport Specific Plan website.


Airport Economic Development Area is committed to the development and service of the community of Marina and surrounding cities as well as the State of California by providing a platform for transportation and economic development. In developing this platform, the Airport Economic Development Area (AEDA) has put forth the following objectives:

  • Ensure the long-term viability of the airport aviation operations
  • Ensure the economic development opportunity through development of a business park and recreational uses

Airport Leasing Opportunities

Currently the City has availability for aviation-only building leases.

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