Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project News

California American (Cal-Am) Water Environmental Impact Report

After more than three years of extensive analysis, the California Public Utilities Commission released its draft Environmental Impact Report on California American Water’s Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project.

The CPUC’s report examines California American Water’s proposed project, which includes a seawater desalination facility located in north Marina. The report also examines alternatives to the proposed project and identifies the potential environmental impacts associated with each. In its analysis, the report selects the company’s proposed project as the environmentally preferred method of addressing the area’s water supply challenges.

This report was performed in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act. The act compels state and local agencies to identify significant environmental impacts of most major projects and to avoid or mitigate those impacts, if feasible.

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Presentation regarding the DEIR at the May 12, 2015 Joint Planning Commission/City Council Meeting

Copies of the DEIR are also available for public review at the following locations:

Castroville Public Library, 11160 Speegle St., Castroville

Marina Public Library, 188 Seaside Avenue, Seaside

CSUMB Library, 100 Campus Center, Seaside

Seaside Public Library, 550 Harcourt Avenue, Seaside

Carmel Valley Public Library, 65 W Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley

Salinas, Buena Vista Public Library, 18250 Tara Dr., Salinas

Salinas John Steinbeck Library, 350 Lincoln Avenue, Salinas

City of Marina Community Development Department, 209 Cypress Avenue, Marina

City of Seaside Community Development Division, 440 Harcourt Avenue, Seaside

Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, 5 Harris Court, Monterey

Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency, 5 Harris Court, Monterey

The final EIR is scheduled for release in October 2015.