November 2016 Ballot Measures U and V

Ballot Measure U - Update Business License Tax

To provide general city services such as: street and facility maintenance and fire, police, youth and senior services; shall the City of Marina update its 38 year old business license tax rate to 0.2% of gross receipts, so small businesses pay lower amounts than larger businesses; generating approximately $900,000 annually; continuing until ended by the voters or reduced by City Council; and all funds controlled locally?

Information About Measure U

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Community Presentation
City Council Resolution
City Attorney Impartial Analysis
Ballot Argument
City Manager Letter
Fire and Police Chief's - Local Election Reminder

Arguments Against (No Argument Against was filed)
Rebuttal Arguments (No Rebuttal was filed)

Ballot Measure V - City Marina Charter Amendment

Shall Section 1.04 be added to the Charter to provide for the direct election of the mayor to serve a term of four years, commencing with the 2018 general municipal election?

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Arguments in Favor - Against and City Attorney Impartial Analysis
Rebuttal to Argument Against Measure V
Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Measure V

Transportation Agency for Monterey County - Measure X

Shall the Transportation Agency for Monterey County fund a transportation safety and investment plan to: improve safety on local roads and highways; repair potholes; maintain streets and roads; reduce traffic congestion; improve transportation for seniors, young people, and people with disabilities; and make walking and biking safer, by enacting a three-eighths’% sales tax, raising approximately twenty million dollars annually over 30 years, plus state and federal matching funds, with citizen oversight and annual independent audits?

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