Virtual Recreation Centers

Week of May 11-17

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Heath & Fitness

Monday: Free Monday Live (Advanced Registration Needed)
Tuesday: Audio Fitness App Apocalypse Survival Training
Wednesday: Daily 305 Dance Fitness (9 am.)
Thursday: Fight Camp
Friday: Don Saladino 30-minute workout
Saturday: Fitness Blender Youtube Channel
Sunday: Meditation4Medicine (fundraising for PPE)

Additional Resources

SportsEngine offers  Healthy at Home Hub featuring articles, videos and training drills.

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Nature & Virtual Travel

Monday: Wild Earth Safari
Tuesday: Whitney Museum of American Art
Wednesday: Decorah Eagles Cam
Thursday: Museum of Modern Art
Friday: Live Cams
Saturday: Hawaii Zen Cam
Sunday: Shark Meditation

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Monday: New York Public Library Exhibitions
Tuesday: Basic English Grammar
Wednesday: Funny Math Animation
Thursday: Magic Dave’s Magic Class
Friday: Photography Basics in 10 Minutes
Saturday: Mazaam the Musical Game (free app)
Sunday: Snoopy in Space (downloadable lesson plans)

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Arts & Crafts

Monday: Boston Museum of Fine Arts Curators
Tuesday: Free Mandala Class (part 1)
Wednesday: Cell Phone Videos
Thursday: Filmed On Stage Musicals
Friday: Spring Bouquet
Saturday: Brooklyn Museum
Sunday: 8 Easy Home Projects

More Resources

The Arts Council for Monterey County (Arts4MC) has a long list of special activities. Check it out.

Health & Fitness

You’ll find resources for children, teens, adults and kids of all ages on our health and fitness page.

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Monday: Top Rated Books for Seniors
Tuesday: Why James Patterson Used to Hate Books
Wednesday: 20 Minute Exercise
Thursday: Regain Your Youth Workouts
Friday: Scrabble, Mahjong, Solitare, more
Saturday: Week’s Best Jokes with SuddenlySenior
Sunday: Seniors Guide to Computers

More Resources

For information on COVID-19 special resources for seniors, please check out the Marina Senior Association website.

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