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Planning Commission Agenda June 9, 2022

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Planning Commission Agenda Packet June 9, 2022


Regular Meeting Call to Order


Marina City Council Chambers 211 Hillcrest Avenue Marina, CA

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Zoom Meeting Telephone Only Participation: 1-669-900-9128 - Webinar ID: 842 8757 8704

In response to Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N.29-20 and City Council Resolution 2020-29 ratifying the Proclamation of a Local Emergency by the City Manager/Director of Emergency Services related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, public participation in the City of Marina City Council and other public meetings shall be electronic only and without a physical location for public participation, until further notice in compliance with California state guidelines on social distancing. This meeting is being broadcast “live” on Access Media Productions (AMP) Community Television Cable 25 and on the City of Marina Channel and on the internet at


You may participate in the Planning Commission meeting in real-time by calling Zoom Meeting via the weblink and phone number provided at the top of this agenda. Instructions on how to access, view and participate in remote meetings are provided by visiting the City’s home page at Attendees can make oral comments during the meeting by using the “Raise Your Hand” feature in the webinar or by pressing *9 on your telephone keypad if joining by phone only. If you are unable to participate in real-time, you may email to with the subject  line “Public Comment Item# ” (insert the item number relevant to your comment) or “Public Comment – Non Agenda Item.” Comments will be reviewed and distributed before the meeting if received by 5:00 p.m. on the day of the   meeting. All comments received will become part of the record. Planning Commission will have the option to modify their action on items based on comments received. 


Agenda materials, staff reports and background information related to regular agenda items are available on the City of Marina’s website Materials related to an item on this agenda submitted to the Planning Commission after distribution of the agenda packet will be made available on the City of Marina website subject to City staff’s ability to post the documents before the meeting.


Marina will grow and mature form a small town bedroom community to a small city which is diversified, vibrant and through positive relationships with regional agencies, self-sufficient. The City will develop in a way that insulates it from the negative impacts of urban sprawl to become a desirable residential and business community in a natural setting. (Resolution No. 2006-112 – May 2, 2006)


The City Council will provide the leadership in protecting Marina’s natural setting while developing the City on a way that provides a balance of housing, jobs and business opportunities that will result in a community characterized by a desirable quality of life, including recreation and cultural opportunities, a safe environment and an economic viability that supports a high level of municipal services and infrastructure. (Resolution No. 2006-112 – May 2, 2006)



Chair Nancy Amadeo, Vice Chair Brian McCarthy, Hyunsoo Hur, Surinder Rana, Audra Walton, Glenn Woodson, Richard St. John



Announcements of special events or meeting of interest as information to Board and Public. At this time any person may comment on any item, which is not on the agenda. Please state your name and address for the   record. Action will not be taken on an item that is not on the agenda. If it requires action, it will be referred to staff and/or placed on the next agenda. Planning Commission members or City staff may briefly respond to statements made or questions posed as permitted by Government Code Section 54954.2. In order that all interested parties have an opportunity to speak, please limit comments to a maximum of Four (4) minutes. Any member of the public may comment on any matter listed on this agenda at the time the matter is being considered by the Planning Commission.


Consent Agenda

Background information has been provided to the Planning Commission on all matters listed under the Consent Agenda, and these items are considered to be routine. All items under the Consent Agenda are normally approved by one motion. Prior to such a motion being made, any member of the public or the Planning Commission may ask a question or make a comment about an agenda item and staff will provide a response. If discussion or a lengthy explanation is required, that item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and placed at the end of Other Action Items.


Planning Commission Meeting Minutes January - March 2022


Informational Items


General Plan Update RFP rpt


Public Hearings

Time will be set aside during the Public Hearing to receive oral comments on all items listed as Public Hearings. Staff will present the project brought forth for Planning Commission consideration and possible action and answer questions from the Planning Commissioners. Planning Commissioners will disclose any ex parte communication before making comments on each project. The applicant will then have the opportunity to make a presentation. The public will then be invited to approach the podium to provide up to four (4) minutes of public testimony and then the applicant will have a chance for a short rebuttal of any issues raised by the public.


Action Items

Action listed for each Agenda item is that which is brought forth for Planning Commission consideration and possible action. The Planning Commission may, at its discretion, take action on any items. The public is invited to approach the podium to provide up to four (4) minutes of public comment.


Reasonable Accommodation Ordinance

The Planning Commission of the City of Marin recommends City Council adoption of amendments to Title 17 of the Marina Municipal Code adding section 17:45 and 17:49 for reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities and low-barrier navigation centers, respectively.


Other Action Items


Discussion Items


Commissioner Comments and Staff Informational Reports