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Local Coastal Program Update - Public Questionnaire

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  2. Public Questionnaire

  3. Introduction

    The purpose of the following questions is to inform development of coastal hazard (erosion, wave flooding) policy that is consistent with community vision. The survey questions are intended to identify how people use the coast, what is valuable to them, and expectations/concerns regarding sea level rise and coastal hazards

  4. Question 1

    As a/an

  5. what do you like/value most about Marina’s coast? What do you like least? (if an an organization/agency representative, please state the organization in the field below)

  6. Question 2

    What amenities “define” Marina’s coast and coastal experience for you? (i.e. ease of coastal access, natural coastline, coastal recreation, free parking and restrooms, industrial uses, other)

  7. Question 3

    What is your biggest concern related to erosion and coastal hazards in Marina?

  8. Question 4

    As you look ahead to the next 10 to 20 years, assuming sea level rise is happening, what are three important challenges and three opportunities you anticipate for the Marina coastal zone?

  9. Question 5

    What actions would you like to see Marina adapt/respond to those challenges and opportunities?

  10. Question 6

    What do you think could be consequences of taking those actions?

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