City Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

The Capital Improvement Program, otherwise known as the CIP, is the short-term and long-term coordination of strategic planning, financial capacity, and the physical development of the City.

The City develops project concepts, grant request and budgets based of the input from the Commissions, Council, and the residents of the City of Marina. The overall scope of the Capital Improvement Program is revieweCIP Coverd annually with a work-plan consisting of a 2-year work period. All work that is planned to be executed must be approved by City Commissions and Council.

The Program is divided into two categories: Airport Capital Improvements and City-Wide Capital Improvements.

Airport Capital Improvements (Fund 460)

Many of the Airport Capital ImprFuel Farmovement Program (ACIP) projects are funded through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Other Projects funded at the Marina Airport are grants from the Aeronautics Division of the California Department of Transportation.

City-Wide Capital Improvements (Fund 462)

All other City projects are accountDel Monte-Beached for in this category, including streets, public facilities, parks and traffic control devices. The CIP executes the vision of the City's General Plan, various Master Planning documents, and the budget priorities of the City Council. The Program provides a means for planning, scheduling and implementing Capital Improvement projects over the next 5-years.