Who's on the Commissions?

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1. Where do I register to vote?
2. I'd like to volunteer on a City Commission, how can I apply?
3. When do I apply for a commission?
4. Who's on the Commissions?
5. What are the responsibilities of commissioners?
6. What is the term of office of Mayor/Council Member?
7. What is the salary of Mayor/Council Member?
8. How can I get on a mailing (email) list for City Council (or Commission) agendas? Is there a cost?
9. When and what time are Council meetings?
10. How long are the terms for Commissioners?
11. Where can I find the agendas of the Planning, DRB, etc.?
12. Where can I find the minutes of the Planning, DRB, etc.?
13. What is the phone number for the courthouse?