Operation Smoke Detector

Effectiveness of a Smoke Detector

The majority of fatal home fires occur at night, when people are asleep. Instead of waking you, smoke and poisonous gases from a fire can quickly numb the senses and put you in a deeper sleep.

Your chance of dying in a home fire is cut nearly in half if you have a smoke detector to alert you to a fire. Smoke detectors (also called smoke alarms) save so many lives that all new homes built today require smoke detectors in each bedroom which are hard wired with battery back up.


How Will Your Family Respond

Smoke detectors give you time to escape from a fire. How your family responds in a fire depends on how well you’ve prepared. Plan escape routes in advance and know at least two ways out of each room, especially bedrooms. Your plan should specify a safe meeting place outside your home so that you can account for everyone. Practice this plan at least twice a year and change your smoke detector batteries when you change your clocks.

Introducing Operation Smoke Detector

The Marina Fire Department with the assistance of the Marina Professional Fire Fighters Association is promoting Operation Smoke Detector.

The Marina Professional Fire Fighters Association has requested and received a donation of smoke detectors from Wal-Mart. The Marina Professional Fire Fighters Association is in the process of requesting additional smoke detectors and batteries from local businesses.

The smoke detectors will be made available to residents of Marina. The only requirement is that you live in the City of Marina and own the home. Residents can come to the Fire Department located at 211 Hillcrest Avenue or contact the Marina Fire Department at 884-1213. The Department will provide one smoke detector for each level of your home. If you cannot install the smoke detector(s), the Fire Department will assist as needed.

Renters: The owner of each dwelling unit shall supply and install smoke detectors as required. In apartments, the tenants are responsible for notifying the owner or manager if the tenant becomes aware of an inoperable smoke detector within his or her unit. In all cases, the smoke detector shall be operable at the time the tenant takes possession. If you rent, please contact the owner or property management if you have a smoke detector that does not work or is missing.