Alarm Permitting

Alarm systems are a popular and effective deterrent to crime and the Marina Police Department encourages the use of alarm systems for businesses and home owners. Unfortunately, the down side of alarm systems is the problem of false alarms. These are alarms activated because of user error or mechanical defect. The majority (over 95%) of our alarm responses are for false alarms. Each alarm requires at least two Police Officers and takes up to an hour of their time. In an effort to help reduce these false alarm calls, Marina has adopted a “Security and Fire Alarm System” Municipal Code starting with section 8.24.010 MMC.  The Marina Municipal Code can be found here.

Our Municipal Code requires all businesses, residents, and alarm agents to register and apply for a permit with the Marina Police Department. For your convenience, you can find the alarm permit application at the link in the menu to the left side of this page. There is an application fee of twenty-five dollars and a renewal fee of twenty dollars.

In order to discourage false alarms, a progressive service fee has been included in the Municipal Code. The first alarm is free and we do not count alarms set off by earthquake or unusual weather conditions. After the first one, however’ second and subsequent alarms will be charged as follows:

  • First Alarm Within the Calendar Year: No Charge
  • Second Alarm Within the Calendar Year: $150.00 each
  • Third through Fifth Alarms Within the Calendar Year: $200.00 each
  • Each Subsequent Alarm Within the Calendar Year: $250.00 each

This Municipal Code was adopted to discourage negligent alarm usage, not to discourage the installation of proper alarm systems. The hours saved not responding to false alarms will be better spent protecting citizens and their property in our city. The Marina Police Department is ready to assist you if any further explanation is necessary.