Typical Inspection Sequence for Residential Construction

We, at the City of Marina, are proud to serve you as Inspectors and Plan Checkers. In order to assist you in reaching the conclusion of your construction project as smoothly as possible, please observe our established inspection sequence.

Calling for inspections before you are ready or failing to cancel an inspection, could result in the levy of a re-inspection fee. Be sure each step is approved before proceeding. If you are not sure, please call us at (831) 884-1214 for information. Any time you are working on your project, have your approved plans and permits on site. No inspection will be approved without them.

You may also schedule an inspection through Online Permitting (If the permit was applied for online),  Email, or by calling the Inspection Line at (831) 884-1241.

You may also view the minimum requirements for a final inspection of a single family dwelling.