Residential Property Inspection Reports

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Prior to the close of escrow or transfer of title for sale or exchange of any residential real property, a residential property inspection report needs to be obtained from the City, and a copy delivered to the buyer.


A.    A newly constructed residential property which is sold within six months after final inspection by the city; or

B.    Of a residential building located in a subdivision whose final map has been approved and recorded in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act not more than two years before the first sale. 

"Residential property" means all improved  real property which is, or by virtue of the zoning thereon, may be used for residential purposes.

Upon application by the owner or his authorized agent, and subject to payment of the fee required, the building inspector shall review pertinent city records, conduct an exterior inspection of the subject property, and deliver to the applicant  a residential property inspection report which shall contain the following information, insofar as the same is available:

A.    Street location, address and parcel number of the subject property;

B.    Zone classification and authorized use;

C.    Occupancy as indicated and established by permits of record;

D.    Violations of the codes, ordinances and regulations of the city existing upon the subject property and its improvements which are of record or are revealed in the course of an exterior inspection by the city;

E.    Whether or not the building(s) inspected appear to the building inspector to be substandard, as defined in the Uniform Housing Code.