Weed Abatement

Why We Need the Program

The Marina Fire Department conducts an annual weed abatement inspection program throughout the City beginning in April through July. This program has reduced the potential for devastating wild land-fires.

As one of only a few Cities allowing the sale and discharge of safe and sane fireworks, this program has proven to be very effective in reducing the number of potentially dangerous fires that are started by the careless use of fireworks.

Each year, the program begins with the Marina City Council, through resolution, declaring weeds and rubbish to be a public nuisance, and Public Notice being published.


The first inspection identifies those properties that pose a weed abatement problem. A letter is sent to those property owners with a re-inspection date.

A re-inspection is conducted to ensure compliance. Those properties that are still non-compliant will receive a notice with a final re-inspection date.

The final inspection is conducted and those properties found to be in non-compliance are given a certified letter informing them of the non-compliance and intent of the City to have Public Works Department abate the weed and assess the property. The property owner is also informed of the date of the scheduled Public Hearing to object to abate the weeds.

The practice of cleaning vacant lots by burning is prohibited in accordance with local County Air Pollution Control regulations and Marina City Municipal Codes.

Endangered or Protected Species

For those properties which contain and endangered or protected species which limit or prohibit the required abatement of the parcel, the property owner must notify the Fire Department, in writing, prior to compliance date on the notice. All supporting documentation must also be provided by the property owner.