Marina Citizens Instruction for Storm Events

Before the Storm

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Storm Preparedness

Maintain your gutters, notify Community Development of blocked street gutters and keep an emergency kit.

Inspect all drainage systems on your property for debris.
Ex: Roof Gutters, Downspouts, Area Drains, etc.

  • Perform regular maintenance of these locations, especially during the fall and winter where leaves may collect and cause roof damage.
  • Call the Community Development Department at (831) 884-1212 if you are aware of any storm drain inlets along the street that requires maintenance.
  • Keep emergency kit available should a major emergency event arise. Such kids should have:
    • Portable radio, lights and flashlights, first aid supplies
    • More information on emergency supplies could be found at

When You Receive a Storm Warning
Flooded First Floor
Move essential items to upper floors of your house.
  •  If a heavy storm is likely and time permits, move essential items, valuable papers, jewelry and furniture to upper floors of your house or higher elevations.
  • Bring outdoor possessions that may be damaged inside the house or tie them down securely.

During the Storm
Street Flood
Do not attempt to drive over a flooded road.
  • Should you or your property experience any dangerous situations during a storm event, call 911.
  • Do not attempt to drive over a flooded road.  You can be stranded or trapped.