Seabreeze Landscape Maintenance District

** Update **

On June 6, 2023, the City Council approved no change to the Fiscal Year 2023-24 annual assessment at $182.42 (or $15.20 per month).

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In 1996, the Seabreeze Landscape Maintenance Assessment District was formed to fund the maintenance of all exterior landscaping elements along Beach Road, surrounding the percolation lot, and adjacent to the Railroad right-of-way.

Any hydroseed areas, groundcover, shrubs, trees, irrigation pipelines, controllers, valves, sprinklers, masonry sound walls, and associated electrical services are considered landscaping elements and are maintained and serviced by this Assessment District.
Seabreeze Boundary and Landscape Area mapEach year, the District is assessed a special tax through the County to fund the Assessment District’s landscape maintenance. The processes to set the assessment amount and levy the tax is through Marina City Council action. A public hearing (usually between April-May) is held for the residents of the District to voice their opinions on District maintenance or improvements they would like to see. All residents are notified by mail of the meeting time and place.


  • Formed in 1996

  •  37 Residential Lots

  •  20,470 Sq Ft of Landscaping

  •  $182.42 per Home Per Year ($15.20/ per  month)