Brown Act Information

The Brown Act covers members of virtually every type of local government body, elected or appointed, decision-making or advisory. Some types of private organizations are covered, as are newly-elected members of a legislative body, even before they take office.

In addition to requiring the public’s business to be conducted in open, noticed meetings, the Brown Act also extends to the public the right to participate in meetings. Individuals, lobbyists, and members of the news media possess the right to attend, record, broadcast, and participate in public meetings. The public’s participation is further enhanced by the Brown Act’s requirement that a meaningful agenda be posted in advance of meetings, by limiting discussion and action to matters listed on the agenda, and by requiring that meeting materials be made available.

Information on the open meeting laws can be found in the League of California Cities Open & Public V - A GUIDE TO THE RALPH M. BROWN ACT.  Additionally, the Institute for Local Government has created a webinar on the Brown Act with can viewed here.  Slides to this webinar are also available for download and printing.