Traffic Advisory Committee


The Traffic Advisory Committee is responsible for developing, enforcing, and providing solutions that can address any traffic complaints related to excessive speeding, cut-through traffic, signing and striping, parking issues, Curb Markings etc. The Public Works department will prepare the agenda and gather any engineering studies to be presented if any were conducted. A copy of the TAC’s agenda for that day will be provided to everyone attending the meeting.

Meeting Time & Location

The City of Marina Traffic Advisory Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 2:00PM. The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend. Please check the City Calendar and sign up for notification of all Traffic Advisory Committee scheduled Meetings to stay up to date.

If you would like an item to be discussed at the meeting, please fill out the Traffic Advisory Request form, available online, prior to attending the meeting. Once the form is complete, you can submit it electronically to Michaelle Mowery at or drop it off in person to the Public Works office here at: 209 Cypress Ave, Marina CA 93933.


California Ave and Carmel Ave Intersection | Marina, CA - Official Website (

Next Meeting: April 4, 2023 at 2:00 PM (See Agenda Center)

Members of the Traffic Advisory Committee

Fire Chief
Doug McCoun 

Police Chief

Steve Russo

Community Development Director Guido Persicone

City Engineer
Brian McMinn

Senior Engineer
Edrie De Los Santos

Public Works Superintendent
Currently Vacant