Apply for a Board or Commission


The policy for Commission appointment is as follows:

  • Appointments to vacancies on City Boards and Commissions (Advisory Boards) will be made in accordance with the City Charter, Marina Municipal Code, and other applicable laws.
  • A separate application is required for each position to which an applicant seeks appointment.
  • Applications will be retained for two years.
  • The City accepts applications for all Advisory Boards throughout the year.

Fill out a commission application to become involved.

Procedure for Advertising Vacancies

Advertising of scheduled vacancies will occur during the annual recruitment period of December to January each year in accordance with City policy as outlined in the full document.

Advertising for unscheduled vacancies will be done in accordance with State law and local policy. Additional outreach efforts will be extended. The close of the recruitment period will be set based on the time required to complete legally required noticing and receive applications in response to other outreach efforts undertaken for a particular vacancy.