Affordable Housing Applications

In recent years, the state legislature has adopted a range of bills intended to combat California's worsening housing affordability crisis. Several bills directly address how local governments review and approve development projects. In compliance with state law, the City of Marina provides application forms and checklists to guide development under adopted housing legislation.

SB 330 (Housing Crisis Act) streamlines the application process for eligible housing projects and provides an optional vesting opportunity for eligible projects seeking discretionary approval.

SB 35 (Affordable Housing Streamlining Act) streamlines the application process for eligible affordable housing projects by providing a ministerial approval process and exempting qualifying projects from environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

SB 9 (California Home Act) streamlines the process for a homeowner to create a duplex or to subdivide an existing lot for the creation of new housing. 

California Density Bonus Law allows up to a 50% increase in density for projects that provide affordable housing and up to an 80% increase in density for projects which are completely affordable.

Application forms and checklists for developments using these streamlining mechanisms are available below:

SB 330 Application and Checklists

SB 330 Pre Application Form

SB 330 Submittal Requirements

Historic Resource Determination Form

SB 35 Application and Checklists

SB 35 Pre Application Form

SB 35 Eligibility Checklist

Historic Resource Determination Form

SB 9 Application and Checklists

SB 9 Eligibility Checklist and Application

Replacement Unit Determination Form

Historic Resource Determination Form

Density Bonus Checklist

Density Bonus Submittal Requirements