Marina at Play Partnership Program

What is Marina at Play

The Recreation & Cultural Services Department kicks off the Annual “Marina at Play” Partnership program. The partnership program seeks support from the surrounding community and businesses.

As you know, without our community coming forward, the quality of our citywide events, youth, teen, senior programs, and sports activities you have come to know would not be possible. Each year we make improvements to the recreation and cultural services and activities. Our mission is to ensure that our citizens receive the highest level of quality in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Take Great Pleasure in Participating

Members of this program not only gain exposure for their business or organization but also receive the heartfelt thanks of youth, teen, adult, and senior community members for their help in making RCS a world-class program.

To ensure the continuation and improvement of the services we offer to the community at large, It is imperative that relationships are made, kept, and, to some extent, used. Last year 51 area businesses and organizations stepped forward in financial support to this major fundraising opportunity.

Become a Partnership Partner

Please view the following forms for more information and on how to become a partner: