Objective Design Standards

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Check out our draft ODS and join the City Council and Planning Commission at a joint study session on Oct. 12, 6:00 pm, at Council Chambers. This will be a hybrid meeting. The Council and Commission members will receive comments from the public and provide feedback and direction to staff and the consultant on the draft. Commission and Council meetings will be scheduled in the near future to take action on the ODS. A link to the draft is provided below:

Public Draft ODS with Style Guide


What are Objective Design Standards (ODS)?

ODS are: "Standards that involve no personal or subjective judgement by a public official and are uniformly verifiable by reference to an external and uniform benchmark or criterion available and knowable by both the development applicant andpublic official prior to submittal."

-California Senate Bill (SB) 330 (Section 65913.4(a)5)

Our ODS Fact Sheet explains the project and provides information on the process.

Here's a link to the May 2nd City Council packet and a link to the Council meeting video. This item starts at minute 29:18. The consultant's presentation can be viewed here.                                     

We received 118 responses Visual Preference Survey!! Here's a link to the updated Survey Summary 5-01-23 

Staff and the consultant will return to the Planning Commission and City Council in the fall with draft Standards. Stay tuned!                               

Please continue to check in here for opportunities to provide feedback. You can always email Planning Services Manager, Alyson Hunter, AICP, at planning@cityofmarina.org with any questions or comments relating to this effort.