The Local Coastal Program (LCP) Coastal Hazards Update  

The City has undertaken a renewal of previous work toward updating our Local Coastal Program's (LCP) Coastal Hazards and Sea Level Rise (SLR) policies with a grant from the California Coastal Commission. For a refresher on where we left off, please take a look at the video from the last public meeting on the topic that took place on January 28, 2020. We are happy to announce that after several discussions with stakeholders and Coastal Commission staff, we have prepared draft Implementation and Land Use Plans that build on the work and outreach completed in 2018, 2019, and early 2020.

We held a public workshop on October 26th which included a presentation by the City's consultant, Dave Revell of Integral Consulting, and a Q&A with members of the public. On December 14th, the Planning Commission reviewed the documents and adopted Resolution 2023-20 recommending that the City Council adopt the plans as provided and submit to the California Coastal Commission (CCC) for final certification. 

The City Council will consider the draft LCP amendment at its regular meeting on January 17, 2024, at 6:30 pm. If adopted by the City Council, the amendment will be submitted to the CCC for final certification.

Access the Draft Implementation Plan (IP) here and the Draft Land Use Plan (LUP) here

IP screenshotLUP screenshot with Dec 2023 date

For more information, please contact Planning Services Manager, Alyson Hunter, AICP, at the Community Development Dept. via email: 

In Spanish...

La Ciudad ha emprendido una renovación del trabajo anterior para actualizar las políticas de Peligros Costeros y Aumento del Nivel del Mar (SLR) de nuestro Programa Costero Local (LCP, por sus siglas en inglés) con una subvención de la Comisión Costera de California. Para repasar dónde lo dejamos, eche un vistazo al video de la última reunión pública sobre el tema que tuvo lugar el 28 de enero de 2020. Nos complace anunciar que, después de varias discusiones con las partes interesadas y el personal de la Comisión Costera, hemos preparado un borrador de los Planes de Implementación y Uso de la Tierra que se basan en el trabajo y la divulgación completados en 2018, 2019 y principios de 2020.

Acceda al  Borrador del Plan de Implementación (PI) aquí y al Borrador del Plan de Uso de la Tierra (LUP)  aquí.

In Korean...

시는 캘리포니아 해안 위원회(California Coastal Commission)의 보조금으로 지역 해안 프로그램(LCP)의 해안 위험 및 해수면 상승(SLR) 정책을 업데이트하기 위한 이전 작업을 갱신했습니다. 중단한 부분에 대한 복습을 위해  2020년 1월 28일에 열린 주제에 대한 마지막 공개 회의의 비디오를 살펴보십시오. 이해 관계자 및 해안 위원회 직원과 여러 차례 논의한 후 2018년, 2019년 및 2020년 초에 완료된 작업 및 봉사 활동을 기반으로 하는 구현 및 토지 사용 계획 초안을 준비했음을 발표하게 되어 기쁩니다.

여기에서 실행   계획(IP) 초안에 액세스하고 여기에서 토지 사용 계획(LUP) 초안에  액세스하십시오.


The City has prepared a Social Vulnerability Assessment that looks at how coastal hazards and sea level rise integrate with environmental justice. This will be an Appendix to the LCP Update land use and implementation documents that are currently being prepared.

1-28-20 Presentation

Read the 2/04/20 LA Times article about what Marina is working on relating to Coastal Hazards and Sea Level Rise! 

Public Draft Documents - the draft documents below (from 2019) will be modified based on recent stakeholder input, new social vulnerability data, and feedback from the community and Planning Commission. Stay tuned!

2019 Public Draft Implementation Plan

2019 Public Draft Land Use Plan

Benchmark schedule