Street & Road Maintenance

2020 Reservation Road Pavement Rehabilitation Project

The City of Marina has awarded the 2020 Reservation Road Pavement Rehabilitation Project to Granite Rock Company of San Jose, California. Construction is scheduled for 30 working days and will begin November 4th, 2020.

CIR Paving Train (FHWA)The project will rehabilitate Reservation Road from Salinas Avenue to Imjin Parkway with a sustainable pavement treatment known as Cold-in-Place recycling that will reuse the existing pavement section as recycled asphalt pavement.

The process will minimize traffic disruption, reduce the number of off-haul trucking trips and thus environmental impacts, and speed up paving production. The use of this sustainable paving construction process provides cost savings of 35% in comparison to traditional pavement rehabilitation methods.  This method also reduces waste to the landfill, energy consumption by 77% and Green House Gas emissions by 78%.  The rehabilitation has been designed to provide an expected life of 20 years which is equivalent to the expected life for a traditional rehabilitation project. 

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the City Public Works Department at (831) 884-1205 or